Research-Relevant Entrepreneurship

I'm interested in finding collaborators who want to apply my research in building products that can be delivered to people, such as through social entrepreneurship ventures. As a professor in computer science, my research builds real-world technology products to help people learn and change health behavior. For example, websites and apps to help people deal with mental health, learn how to set goals and manage time. I build systems that combine crowdsourcing, human-computer interaction, machine learning and psychology. 

Two examples are:

Interactive activities for mental health: Scalable coaching technology that asks people questions to help them reflect on their stress and emotions, and guides them in thinking through solutions.

Self-coaching apps that ask people to set goals and think about how to manage time. These apps give automated reminders to people, as well as connecting them with peers who can provide peer coaching and accountability.

If you're interested in building such products and delivering to real users, you can read more about my work at And you can email saying more about yourself and why you're interested, as well as asking for more information about current projects related to real-world entrepreneurship.