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Current Graduate Students

Ananya Bhattacharjee

Second-year PhD student, interested in Human-Computer Interaction, Design Thinking, and Machine Learning. Currently working on designing a text message-based intervention system to help manage common concerns like depression and anxiety.

Angela Zavaleta

Angela Zavaleta

CS Master's student interested in computer science education and HCI. Currently focused on interventions to help students with planning ahead and time management, in order to motivate them to stay on track when learning online and mitigate procrastination.

Taneea S Agrawaal

First-year PhD student in Computer Science. My main research interests lie in Machine Learning (primarily Reinforcement Learning), Human-Computer Interaction, NLP and at the intersection of CS and social sciences. I am an active participant of Diversity in Tech and have worked extensively with many initiatives like Indian Women in Engineering@GS, Rails Girls, Women TechMakers by Google.

I am currently working on a text messaging system for people dealing with mental health issues like anxiety, and stress disorders. I have been an Associate (Engineering) at Goldman Sachs where I built (and sometimes broke) the in-house trading database, SecDB. I also built extensive data pipelines to analyze petabytes of trading data and tune database performance. My background in NLP involves analyzing and detecting gender bias in Bollywood movies (PMLR 2018, FAT* 2018) You can find the full paper here.

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Mohi Reza

Second-year Ph.D. student interested in HCI, Education Technology, and Positive Psychology. Currently working on designing interventions that teach students high-order meta-skills that can help them succeed in their studies. |

First-year PhD student in the Department of Computer Science. My research interests lie in Human-Computer Interaction, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and their intersection with Social Sciences. Currently working on an adaptive text-messaging service to help people better manage their mental health, in collaboration with Northwestern University and Mental Health America. Also designing communication strategies to encourage people to get vaccinated. In a previous life, I worked as a Software Engineer at JPMorgan Chase where I was responsible for building the firm-wide chatbot-as-a-service framework and built autonomous drones for warehouse management as a Research Analyst at McKinsey. Besides work, I enjoy running, playing badminton, writing tunes on my guitar and taking care of my startup.

Dashiel Carrera

First-year Ph.D. student interested in HCI, education, social psychology and the psychology of learning, storytelling, and digital media.

Ilya Musabirov

Ilya Musabirov

I'm a 1st year PhD student. My research interests are in developing tools and approaches to support the theory-driven and instructor-led design of instructional, motivational and self-regulation adaptive interventions in education. More broadly I am interested in HCI, EdTech, Computer/Data Science Education (especially for non-STEM majors), Learning Engineering, Design and Analytics and Computational Social Science. Previously I was a Senior Lecturer and Jr Research fellow at HSE University St.Petersburg where I co-designed and taught courses and programs in Data Science, Computational Social Science and HCI, targeted primarily to non-STEM students.

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Tong Li
A first-year PhD student in Statistics.