For Researchers

Resources will be continually added here for Researchers who are interested in conducting research using educational technology products, applying research to improve learning from products or programs, or partnering with ed-tech startups, organizations, developers.

What opportunities do online technologies provide for conducting research?

The Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center (one of a number of NSF Science of Learning Centers) at Carnegie Mellon-University of Pittsburgh has articulated these in the context of intelligent tutoring systems and in vivo experiments in courses.

These are slides and audio from a talk on conducting research by embedding experiments and practical interventions in online ed-tech products.

One way to find out what products exist and might be relevant to your research is to use websites that index or report on the space:

The EdSurge EdTech Index lists a wide range of educational technology products and companies, often with descriptions and website links. and other sites that review technology for teachers can be useful in discovering widely used apps and software that might be relevant to your research.

Groups and people who have experience linking research and practice through technology include Think Tanks like SRI International and WestEd. 

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