Joseph Jay Williams: Assistant Professor in Computer Science (courtesy in Psychology).

Sam Maldonado: Research Programmer

Graduate Students in Computer Science

Arghavan Modiri

Master’s Student, working on the design of mobile health intervention systems

Mobile health intervention systems combines human-computer interaction with statistical machine learning to discover how to personalize text messages to people in order to motivate them to do more exercise and improve adherence to physical activity. 

Also, studying contextual Multi-Armed Bandits (MABs) and similar algorithms and their applications in health.

Jacob Nogas

Master’s Student, generally interested in statistics and machine learning applied to HCI. For my masters, I am working on issues pertaining to statistical inference from data collected by Multi-Armed Bandit algorithms in online educational experiments. I am interested in how type 1 errors (false positives) can be controlled in adaptive experiments, and validating these methods in real world online education settings. 

Ananya Bhattacharjee
Incoming first year PhD student, currently working on technology for stress management and mental health.

Mohi Reza

Incoming PhD student, interested in HCI, education, & psychology.

Jaemarie Solyst

Incoming PhD student, focused on computer science education, HCI, & psychology. Currently working on providing support for students while solving online programming problems.

Angela Zavaleta

Incoming Master's student interested in computer science education and HCI. Currently focused on interventions to help students with planning ahead and time management, in order to motivate them to stay on track when learning online and mitigate procrastination.

Affiliated graduate students

Veronica Bergstrom

Second-year PhD student in psychology, collaborating with Goodlife Fitness to investigate whether personalized text messages can increase adherence to one’s workout schedule. In her primary line of research she investigates biases between various religious (Christian, Muslim) and nonreligious (atheist, agnostic) groups.

Hammad Shaikh

Fifth-year PhD student in economics, working on improving study habits of students on online platforms through technology-mediated interventions that leverage insights from behavioral science. To be more concrete, we evaluate the impact of varying messaging interventions that aim to induce students to do optional ungraded problems and start homework earlier in an online setting using experiments.

Nina Deliu

PhD Student in Methodological Statistics at the University of Rome La Sapienza. Research areas: Bayesian Statistics, Causal Inference, Reinforcement learning and Multi-armed bandits with applications in healthcare domains, Adaptive Interventions.

Undergraduate Students

Ben Prystawski

Third-year computer science and cognitive science student working on personalized explanations.

Jiading Zhu

Fourth-year Engineering Science student in Machine Intelligence Option. Background in ML/RL.

Working on an undergraduate thesis with Joseph on factorial design, also helping out on DIAMANTE and Goodlife.

Yuya Asano

Fourth-year undergraduate student in computer science. His research interests are in natural language processing and applied machine learning with a mixture of human-computer interaction and education. His long term research goal is to provide better computational aids to intellectual activities such as reading comprehension and discussion. He is currently working on the personalized explanation project and the automatic code progress detection project.

Qi Yin Zheng

Second-year computer science specialist working on students on track and personalized explanations projects.

Samantha Quinto

Fifth-year computer science specialist and cognitive science student. Her primary research interests include computational linguistics and human-computer interaction. She is currently working on the mental health intervention project with collaborators from Northwestern University.

Emmy Liu

Third-year computer science and cognitive science student, working on metaskills interventions. 

Huizhen Cui

First-year computer science student

Working on the personalized explanations project.

Alumni & Previous lab members

Jai Aggarwal

Fourth-year computer science and cognitive science student

Working on the student stress and DIAMANTE projects.

Michal Fishkin

Second-year engineering science student

Project manager for the exercise and mental health projects

Zarif Mahmud

Third-year computer science and statistics student

Working on the students on track project and organizing lab meetings

PhD Student in CSE at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Working on visual analytics of online learning data
Previously a visiting PhD student in the lab

Weiwen Leung

Sasha Poquet
University of New South Wales.

Regular External collaborators

Caroline Figueroa

Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley, within the Digital Health Equity And Access Lab (D-HEAL)

Working on the DIAMANTE project

Anne Hsu

Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at the Queen Mary University of London

Working on the student stress project

Thomas Price

Assistant Prof. of computer science at North Carolina State University

Anna Rafferty

Juho Kim

Bibhas Chakraborty