Intelligent Adaptive Interventions Lab

How can you turn any user interface into an intelligent, perpetually improving system? Innovations in A/B Experimentation and interfaces to LLMs.

One example of our work is to transform ubiquitous explanations and prompting questions (e.g. text in a webpage, email, SMS) into an Intelligent Adaptive Intervention. We do this by innovating in uses of A/B experimentation, like inventing the MOOClet toolkit that enhances & personalizes explanations/prompts by A/B testing alternative versions that are generated by human & artificial intelligence (coordinating contributions from designers, social-behavioural scientists, users, chatGPT-like systems), and using adaptive experiments that automatically analyze data and use it to give better versions to future users. Our adaptive experiments apply and advance machine learning algorithms and statistical tests

Our papers ( span publications in HCI (Human Computer Interaction), applied Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Statistics, Cognitive/Social/Clinical Psychology, Digital Education, Mental Health, and other areas.

Joseph Jay Williams directs the Intelligent Adaptive Interventions lab, as an Assistant Professor in Computer Science (8 Grad Students), with courtesy appointments in Psychology (2 Grad Students) and Statistics (2 Grad Students), as well as Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Economics, and the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence. More information on lab members is at, and about Joseph at his CV ( 

We've published papers on technology for education, learning, and mental health, by testing competing ideas about how to design components of online homework, apps, text messaging interventions, and other interface components. 

Joseph's TEDxPortofSpain talk explains how we use this approach in education, using MOOClets to intelligently adapt explanations for how to solve math problems. 

For more information, check out our Lab Vision page.

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We won an Xprize! Transforming education through Perpetual-Experimentation (more at

#Awards & ShoutOuts

Our QuickTA project combining AI (RL algorithms & #LLMs) with @TutorGen is one of 16 #ToolsCompetition finalists for the DARPA AI Tools for Adult Learning opportunity!

#Recent Accepted Publications

Two papers accepted to CHI' 23. Our grad student, Ananya Bhattacharjee, received the Best Paper Award!

#Research Projects

We received the DSI Seed Funding for Methodologists Grant to run a mega well-being study based on crowdsourced interventions! We are working with 10+ researchers to bring their well-being intervention to life!

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