Media Outreach

Online & Media Discussion of Research

Students Can Learn by Explaining, Studies Say. Education Week, Sarah D. Sparks. (online link to article)

Association for Psychological Science News. (online link)

To help children learn deeply, ask them to explain. The Brilliant Blog, Annie Murphy Paul. (online link to blog post)

Can Explanations Make Learning More Difficult? Peer Reviewed by my Neurons Blog, Eric Horow. (online link to blog post)

Why Explaining to Others Helps us Understand. Live Science, Natalie Wolchover. (online link to article)

Writing for a General Audience

Online Education Brief. Berkeley Science Review. [BSR Website]

Anticipating the Future of Online Education. Newsletter from Center for Educational Improvement for the National Association for Elementary School Principals. Joseph Jay Williams. [NAESP website] [Google Drive]

Book review: Kids First. Berkeley Science Review, 20, 68. [BSR Website] [PDF]

False positives. Berkeley Science Review, 22, 6-7. [BSR Website] [PDF]

Improving memory – (retrieval) practice makes perfect. Psych Your Mind – applying psychology to everyday life. Joseph Jay Williams. [Blog post]

Talks for a General Audience

TEDXPortofSpain. Is the Internet replacing teachers? [] [Written Transcription]