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This page will be continually updated with suggestions for Resources for Ed-Tech Companies, Nonprofits, Teachers, Developers, who are interested in applying research to improve learning, or partnering with researchers.

Practical Implications of Research

These are resources that try to synthesize practical implications from the large academic literature, which includes many principles that are useful for both ed-tech and learning that does not involve technology. This list is long, but choosing any one of these would be a great start.

Broad Overviews: Short & Freely Available Online

Organizing Instruction and Study to Improve Student Learning. Institute of Education Sciences Practice Guide. [Free Online PDF

Broad Overviews: Books

Daniel Willingham's Why Don't Students Like School.Why Don't Students Like School: A Cognitive Scientist Answers Questions About How the Mind Works and What It Means for the Classroom. (Amazon & Google Books provide previews) 

Daniel Willingham has also written: When can you trust the experts: How to tell good science from bad in education (Amazon, Google Books)

Susan Ambrose et al's How learning works: Seven research-based principles for smart teaching. (Amazon, Google Books

Ruth Clark & Richard Mayer's e-Learning and the Science of Instruction: Proven Guidelines for Consumers and Designers of Multimedia Learning (3rd ed.) (Amazon, Google Books

Websites & Online Resources

The What Works Clearinghouse aims to review research on education and provide educators with information to make evidence-based decisions.

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